Thursday, July 30, 2009

To see Lauren again!

June 28th at 10:08pm, after a whole day and a half, I finally got to see Lauren again! They kept me in L&D for 24 hour monitoring, then transferred me to postpartum room to stay for 2 more days. When I was finally able to transfer from my bed to a wheelchair, Dustin wheeled me down to the NICU. I can't remember how long I stayed, but it was a long time! Robin was her nurse that night and had just given her a bath and changed her diaper. I got to give Lauren her next bottle feeding. I was a very proud mother!

Lauren Jean Jones June 27th, 2008

Lauren Jean Jones arrived on June 27th, 2008 at 2:47pm. She weighed 4lbs, 6oz and was 17 1/2 inches long. Dr. Martinez, my nurse, Loren, my anesthesiologist, and Dustin were all in the L&D OR with me. Lauren was born 15 minutes after I was taken in to have an emergency c-section due to preeclampsia. Two of the best from MCH NICU were present to help with Lauren when she arrived: Nurse Phil and Respiratory Therapist Cynthia. That was such a relief to me knowing she was in good hands. Lauren was beautiful! I got to see her and hear her cry before they put her in an isolette and wisked her to the NICU. For those of you that don't know, Lauren wasn't named until until after she was born. I finally told Dustin to go in the NICU, look at her, and decide which name from the choices we had previously discussed fit our baby the best. He decided on Lauren, being that it is Sydney's middle name. Jean is my Didi's (grandmother and hero) middle name. So...that was that, Lauren Jean Jones. What an angel and little miracle!

PM&R Baby Shower

Dustin gladly went to the baby shower down in the PT gym. What a day for him! He goes to work like usual, gets a call from me, "It's time!", comes to the hospital to find and check on me, goes down to the gym to have a delicious pot luck lunch and cupcakes, and then gets to open lots of little girly things for his daughter. That's a great Dad! I know he had a good time. Dad's aren't usually the ones sitting in the middle of all the shower guests. Thanks to everyone in rehab for the gifts, the advice, and the prayers during this special time for us!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

It's time!

"It's time! I want you to walk across the street and check yourself into the last available room in L&D right now. I'll be there to check on you in a little while. You'll do just fine." -Dr. Martinez
I walked into Dr. Martinez's office at 8:00am Friday morning for my second twice-a-week appt at 35 weeks. The nurse checks my weight, my blood pressure (way too high), and my protein levels (way too high) and tells me to wait in a room for the doctor. Dustin did not come with me this morning. He had something to do at work. Dr. M comes in and lets me know he has already called the hospital, which is located across the street, and they have only one room available in L&D and if I go over there now to check in they will reserve it for me. I had luckily packed my bags the night before and had them in the back of my car which was parked on the street. All the nurses wished me luck as I walk out of the office by myself. I call Dustin immediately and burst into tears letting him know it's time. I called Dawn, another SLP, and had her meet me upstairs to come get my keys so that she could move my car and get my bag (and super sanitize my hospital room). I walk up to the 7th floor and see a NICU nurse I knew and burst into tears again. She walked with me into L&D and let me know all was going to be alright. I knew at this time Baby Girl Jones would probably be admitted into the NICU because of prematurity. I also knew she was in good hands if that was the case.
My nurse, Loran, was a wonderful nurse. She immediately had me change into a gown and had me hooked up to an IV drip, told me to lay on my left side, turned down the lights, put an oxygen mask on me, and told me not to watch anything stressful on TV. TVLand it was! Dustin and my parents, along with my grandparents, Cyndy, and Dustin's parents were there shortly. Dr. Martinez had told us that we would for sure be parents that afternoon! There was only one tiny problem. I was supposed to have a baby shower from my department at lunch THAT day and I knew I was not going to be able to make it. Dustin went downstairs gladly to unwrap presents in front of lots of women. I remember him asking me, "How do I do this shower thing? What do I say to everyone?" Needless to say, he went down to PM&R, opened all the gifts, thanked everyone, Dawn took pictures with my camera, and all the gifts were delivered to our house.
Dustin came back up to my room with a baby book of names and few IT'S A GIRL cigars (gum). Totally prepared!

Do you notice anything swollen?

This is a picture of my ankles after wearing a pair of ankle socks and shoes at work. I will be so ready to get MY ankles back! This is not fun at all.

The Nursery...all complete!

We are ready for Baby Girl Jones to get here. I have a feeling she will get here sooner than later. My feet/ankles/legs are swelling and my blood pressure is elevated. I have been told to take it easy. I just love the nursery! It is so calming when you walk in the door. We love her little birdies and I am really going to enjoy that rocker!

Getting the nursery ready...

We've been busy washing the baby clothes, bottles, bedding, burp clothes...and we are finally getting gifts from the showers all put away to prepare for the arrival of Baby Girl Jones.

FMP Baby Shower

The ladies at our church, Fairmont Park, gave us a baby shower hosted at Jessica Carlile's home. It was so nice and everything was just perfect. Baby Jones got lots and lots of beautiful things! My hostesses gave me a gift certificate to get a massage and a bracelet with a charm of baby girl shoes. What a fun day!