Friday, January 29, 2010

GHS Class of 1999 Reunion - Family Night at the Rockhounds

Nikki (Moore) McCurry and family

Amanda Carruth and Lauren (Summer) Cotton

Eric Synatschk and wife, Tracy

Kristi (Brown) Griffin and husband

Lauren (Summer) Cotton and husband, JP

Marcus Stack and family

Toby Robertson and wife, Lauren with daughter, Addison

Griffin (Adams) Hipp and baby Kennedy

Carrie (Patterson) Frank

Tiffany Gunter, Brandon Zachry, Griffin Adams

Courtnee (Dickerson) McHugh and Brody

Leland Foster and wife, Starr

Chris Reed and family

Rachel (Helms) Welch and husband, Taylor, with daughter, Haley

Lauren Jones

Haley Welch, Cotton kids, Lauren Jones

Lauren Jones and Haley Cotton

Jason Dominguez and family
Luke Richards and family
Traci (Harrison) Jones and Jay Conner

Traci Jones with Lauren and Jaimie Rubio with Riley

Dustin, Traci, and Lauren Jones

Jamie Rubio and family

Casey O'Donnell and family

Mirabel Ramirez and family
July 10, 2009 was the weekend for our GHS Class of 1999 10-year reunion. We started out with a family night at the Rockhounds baseball park. It was so neat to get to see my classmates with their families and watch the kids run around the grass playing together. Most of us live in the area, but Jay Conner came all the way from California just to see us! We are so glad that he could make it! What a fun night of memories! I can't wait to see what our families will look like another 5 or 10 years down the road...

La Bodega

Lauren immediately spotted the fountain in La Bodega. She wanted to get down and go see it. I think she really wanted to get IN it. Look at her hiking that leg!

Grocery Shopping!

Lauren loves her new shopping cart that Uncle Brandon gave her for her birthday. She zooms here and there and everywhere! She matches the shapes and loves to hear the music. In fact, she'll even stop to dance a while, then off she goes again.

Samantha's birthday

Happy Birthday to our little Samantha! We had a great time at Gige and Grandpa Charlie's house. We even got to watch the kids hit at a pinata, all the kids except for Lauren of course. That seems to be the new birthday tradition over there. Lots of laughs!
Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday dear Samantha
Happy Birthday to YOU!

Friday, January 22, 2010

Lauren's 1st birthday party

This is Lauren's cousin, Landon. He enjoyed Lauren's toys then took a nap during the party. We are so glad that he got to come and have fun!
Lauren is opening her first present - her birthday bib.
The birthday meal of fruit and pickles. Yum!
We are so glad that Uncle Chris offered to BBQ us some burgers for the big party. They were excellent!
Lauren and her grandpas.
Lauren got a beautiful bracelet from her Didi. She wants to show everyone.

Lauren's first teaparty set from Bobbye Vogler.

Time for cupcakes everyone!
"Happy Birthday to you!"

Happy Birthday to our little Lauren! We can't believe you are finally one! It seems like yesterday that we were coming to visit our little 4 lb baby in the NICU. Now you are one and we can't remember life before you were here. We love you so much and we can't wait to see what the next year has in store for us.

Happy Birthday Lauren Jean!

It's a cupcake party!

For Lauren's 1st birthday I wanted it to be something special, a theme we would always remember when we thought about her first birthday. How about lots of little CUPCAKES?!
I knew exactly who to call - Lauren's great-grandmother, Didi! All I had to do was mention the theme. Didi arrived the day of the party with platters of cupcakes. She had made big cupcakes, small cupcakes, pink ones, yellow ones, sprinkly was a treat for us all! Thank you Didi for your thoughtfulness and hard work. You did a great job and Lauren's party was even more special because you. We love you!