Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Traci's 28th Birthday

Mom and Dad made a wonderful lunch for my birthday. Dad made my favorites on the grill - steak with grilled squash and zucchini, Mom set the table with her nice dishes, and Didi made my strawberry birthday cake. We had so much fun! Lauren got to see lit candles for the first time. She couldn't take her eyes off them! She really enjoyed everyone singing "Happy Birthday!"

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Favorite place to sit and think

I can put Lauren in her laundry basket and she can sit and watch the clothes go around and around while I fold clothes. It's great! I know this won't last forever though...

Baby in a Box

You can sit in it, you can chew on it, and you can play with all the foam inside it!

Playing the piano

Lauren can really play the piano at Didi's house. She has figured out cause and effect - if you hit these buttons it will make lots of different sounds!

Cooking with Didi - 8 months

When Lauren goes to visit, Didi always gives her a bowl and a spoon to play with while she sits on the floor. To Lauren, the spoon is something new to chew on and then she realizes that it makes a sounds when she hits the spoon on the bowl. Lauren is now pulling up on things. She has discovered lots of spoons in the dishwasher!

Meme and Aunt Cindy came over!

This is Lauren's bouncer that keep her entertained for a little while.
Aunt Cindy came into town from San Angelo. She loves to feed Lauren and even change her diaper. She likes to tell stories about when her kids were babies. Now, her babies are both in college!

Nana and PaPa's

Lauren loves going out to Nana and PaPa's house. She has all new toys over there! If those toys get old, no worries, here comes Nana to the rescue. Nana has Lauren entertained every minute she is there!

Putting on the Glitz

This was my table this year (above).

In February the ladies committe at our church puts on a very special event for the ladies of the congregation and their friends. There are about 12 tables that are decorated each very differently. We serve a meal with fabulous desserts for everyone to enjoy. Everyone on committee wears matching aprons and serves the ladies seated at the tables. It's lots of fun and and event we look forward to attending!

Midland Co. Stockshow

The Midland County Stockshow was dedicated to Lauren's Grandpa Charlie, Dustin's dad, this year for all his hard work and participation in the past with the stockshow.
Congratulations Charlie!
We are proud of you!
Dustin always tells me this time of year that I am going to be a stockshow-mom one of these days. I really don't see this in my future...

Bath and Band-aids

Lauren went to see Dr. Bello today for her immunizations. She got a Bugs Bunny band-aid!

Daddy makes Lauren laugh!

Lauren loves when Dustin blows on her belly!

Up and Down - 7 months

UP one minute...

DOWN the next.

UP again...
DOWN again.

Found the Feet

I was changing Lauren's diaper one day, bent down to get more diapers, looked up and she had her toes in her mouth. Everyday she finds something new! We are reading her a book about a hippo's belly button, but she hasn't found hers yet.

Lauren can hold her bottle!

Before Lauren's carrots...

Lauren can officially hold her own bottle! I think she is very proud of herself.
This is the happy face of a child who likes carrots!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Reading with Mama - 6 months

If there are two things that Lauren loves it is her food and her books! She does have her favorite books, and food, but as long as we open a book and point to a few things she is happy.

Leggings for Lauren

I took Lauren over to Meme's and while we were over there Lauren had a little accident. We had to take ALL of her clothes off so Meme was worried about Lauren's toes getting cold. Meme went in her room and came back with her Alaska socks. Perfect for leggings!

Fun with Samantha

Samantha used to love to come over to our house and take a bath in our bathtub. Now, she likes to come over to watch Lauren take a bath in the bathtub...and have fun with Uncle Dustin of course.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Visiting friends at Medical Center Hospital

Lauren went up to the rehab floor. This is Bill, one of our PTs.

This is Betty. She loves to hold babies!

Lauren also went to visit the NICU where she stayed for 2 weeks. This is one of the nurses, Vicki, and one of our favorite respiratory therapists, Cynthia.
Lauren is a proud graduate of MCH NICU!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Busy girl!

Going on a walk

Playing in her room

Reading with Daddy