Sunday, June 22, 2008

Our First Baby Shower

May 17, 2008.
We had our first baby shower today at Janet Outlaw's home. It was a fabulous shower! Lots of friends and family came. Baby Girl Jones got lots of things from clothes, to diapers and bottles, to a rocking pink poodle. Thank you to all who came and gave! It was such a special day - a time we will always remember.

Somebody didn't cooperate...

May 16, 2008.
We went to Sneak-A-Peak today for our 3D ultrasound hoping to get a good shot of baby's face. Guess who didn't cooperate? Apparently she was in the middle of a nap and didn't appreciate us trying to wake her up. She was in comfy position to her - hands to the mouth with legs straight up and her toes touching her forehead at times. Dustin would talk to her thinking she would start moving like she usually does. As he began talking to her, you could see her little hand move over her ear like she was suggesting he was interrupting her sleep. We saw her let out a yawn and open and close her eyes. We were amazed! The ultrasound tech told us she look like a little Desaray. Dustin informed her that Deseray did not make our list. Ha! Needless to say, we did not get a good picture of her and we are rescheduled to go back at another time.

Dollhouse Bookcase

The dollhouse bookcase arrived. It is a special gift from great-grandmother, Didi. Dustin was more than happy to put it together. He is such a proud Daddy. I have a feeling he will get plenty of practice putting things together.

More Florida pics

Del Rey Beach

Crandon Park Golf Course on Key Biscayne

Florida Everglades

We took an excursion to the Florida Everglades on the Seminole Indian reservation. We saw lots of wildlife - alligators, flamingos, elambs, wild hogs, turtles, birds, bison... We took an airboat ride through the Everglades then a ride on this huge vehicle above called a swamp buggy.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Babymoon on East Coast Florida

Fort Lauderdale Beach

South Beach Miami
Doral Golf Club in Miami - The Blue Monster

This was not me taking the picture of Dustin playing golf. I was busy enjoying my first Mother's Day present in the spa at Doral. The Mother's Massage and a facial were enough to keep me occupied while he enjoyed his day of golf.
We had a wonderful week in Florida, just the two of us. We got to see lots of wildlife, enjoyed some relaxing time on the beach, toured the Everglades in an airboat and on Swampbuggy, drove down A1A from Palm Beach down to Miami Beach, and enjoyed a day on Key Biscayne.

The crib has arrived!

We went to Dallas this past weekend to stay with Sydney and find some furniture for the nursery. Dustin had done his research the week before and looked up every kind of baby furniture there was to sale out there. He had his list of stores we needed to go to and knew just the questions to ask. This was his deal and I was glad to let him take on the responsibility. Needless to say, we didn't find our furniture in Dallas. We drove all that way just to find it in a little children's store in Odessa. We found a convertible 3-in-1 crib with a dresser and chest-of-drawers to match. Dustin is very pleased and therefore I am too. You can tell he is a proud father already - the crib was put together the night we brought it home.

22 weeks

22 weeks along. I am now wearing maternity clothes. They make some really cute ones now! Mom and I went and found several outfits and dresses.

20 weeks

20 weeks along now. The poor baby got sunburned. I thought I would get a little sun while doing some work in the backyard. Apparently stretched skin is more susceptible to sunburn...not too fun.

18 weeks

2 weeks later we are already seeing quite a bit of growth. This is just unreal to me! I can't believe I am pregnant!

16 weeks

This is the first picture of the little bump of Baby Jones at 16 weeks. For those of you that don't know, there are 40 weeks of pregnancy. :)

9 week sonogram

They call it a baby Flipper! You can see the head on the bottom with the little arms sticking out to the side. Baby has lots of room to swim around in there!

Skiing in Ruidoso

Baby Jones went skiing in February. You talk about some nervous grandmothers! All went well since I didn't follow Dustin down any steep trails. We took some friends along with us and they kept me company.

We are going to parents!!

Christmas morning 1:00am - We found out we are going to parents. Wow! It all started when I was talking with my cousin, Amanda, about her pregnancy. She was describing her pregnancy symptoms and for some odd reason I was not doubting that I was NOT pregnant. I decided to talk to Dustin about this and tell him that I had been experiencing some of the same symptoms as Amanda. We really didn't know what to think at this point so we decided that we might ought to get a pregnancy test. After the Jones Christmas on Christmas Eve, we decided to stop by Walgreens on our way home. I made Dustin go in and get the test since I was not going to be seen on that aisle. Of course he came back with the most expensive digital pregnancy test you could buy. He said he wanted to buy the best to make sure it was going to be accurate. We went home and stared at the test for a while and I finally decided to break open the box. Sure enough that thing blinked "PREGNANT" in less than 30 seconds. As crazy as that early morning was, we agreed that we could not have asked for a better Christmas present. The only problem was that we had agreed to keep our news a secret until we could tell our parents at the same time. I was leaving for Dallas the next day with Mom and Didi. It sure was a LONG four days...

We finally told our family on New Year's Day letting them know that our New Year's resolution was to be good parents in this coming year. We finally got to share the excitement!