Friday, October 23, 2009

Helping Mama decorate the Christmas tree

Lauren did a great job sitting in her bumbo entertaining herself. I can tell she loves shiny ornaments! If she were only a little bigger she would be swatting at them. We would put her in her swing around nap time and she would watch the lights for about 10 minutes then fall asleep probably dreaming of sparkling lights and big green trees...

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Veronica & Samanth's Christmas Play

Lauren got to experience her first school play. The girls did a great job performing in the Fannin Christmas musical!

Duck pajamas

These are some of my favorite pj's. Guess who gave them to her? Didi!

Thank you Teresa!

Aunt Teresa gave Lauren this sweet little winter outfit. Doesn't she look precious? We love and miss you Teresa!

Jones kids

Samantha and Veronica love to hold little Lauren! I have a feeling LJ is going to follow them around like a puppy dog soon wanting to do everything that they do. Such sweet kids!

Busy, busy, busy!

Lauren is always on the go! Why doesn't she like to sleep as much as she used to? Is this some kind of a sign for days/months/years ahead?

Double Whammy!

There were two reasons (that happened one right after the other) why Lauren had to take a bath. I had a good time laughing at Dustin! I think Lauren was just happy to take a bubble bath.

Shiny Hiney! 5 months

If there is one thing I love it is the feel and smell of Lauren's soft baby skin after a bath. I could just kiss her all day!

More family reunion

We miss you Martin family! You're on the wrong side of Texas.

More family reunion

As you can probably see, Lauren was held about 75% of the time. She didn't complain and I didn't either!

Harrison Family Reunion - Lake Buchanan

We had a much needed Harrison family reunion at Lake Buchanan. We had so much fun and got to catch up on things, meet our newest family members, eat some great food, and just make some great memories.

August - Boy's Surprise Birthday

The August birthday boys got a surprise party that they never saw coming. The gift - a weekend away together without the wives and kids! They decided to have a fun weekend at Lake Brownwood fishing and playing. You would have thought we gave them a million dollars!

Meme's Birthday

I don't think I ever posted these pictures of Meme's birthday at the fire station. This was also Lauren's first trip to the fire station. She got to see the fire trucks!
Happy Birthday Meme! We love you!

Fireman Appreciation Dinner 2008

Doesn't Dad look handsome? We are so proud of his accomplishments and all that he does for our community!

Greenwood Homecoming Peprally 2008

Lauren attended her first peprally! Go Rangers! She got to sit (take a nap) in her stroller through the fight song, heat, and cheering. She also got to meet Mom's last 2nd grade class.

More Halloween Costumes

Chris and Patty

Phillip and Marla

Kyle (Marla's brother)


Sydney and Luke