Friday, May 28, 2010

Labor Day in Ruidoso 2009

Going on a bear hunt with PaPaw

It makes me sad to see how much the river has changed since the flood. Lots of rocks have been brought in to try and control the river. Do they not know that Mother Nature can just wash all the rocks away? I mean really, the river is going to flow in the direction that it wants to flow. It will never be the same river that I remember playing in growing up.

Lauren had a great time sticking her little toes in the cold river.

Ruidoso is always a fun place for us to spend Labor Day weekend with Dustin's family. We can go to the Upper Canyon and enjoy the smell of the clean fresh air and pine trees. We can shop downtown and find great food. We love Cafe Rio! It's a great place for us to get away and spend time with one another.

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